You Are Beautiful V-Neck

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This simple yet stylish v-neck features a beautiful message, that must be shared all around the world. Everyone in this world must know that they are unique and beautiful and that is exactly what this v-neck is all about. The wonderful message is followed by a buddha stencil in a sitting pose, offering peace and calm to the mix. The v-neck is designed for people who believe that there is beauty in every aspect of the world, and how one should be reminded of how their life matters. So if you are one of the believers, you can easily wear this v-neck and keep in mind that you are beautiful, and others that read it can feel the same emotion. Moreover, the v-neck comes in a range of colors, so you can easily pick the one you like best.

• Material: 100% Cotton
• Printed in: The USA
• Color Options: 6 Choices